it was a great day today for 50 pupils and their teachers, when they visited the near MOUNTAIN GORILLA PARK in the virunga mtn range,…much was to learn about the wildlife, most interesting of course the rare mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys, who live in the park, with many other mammals like forest elephants or buffalos,…that’s why all the activities in the park are guided by rangers, who explained the features of animals and the whole ecosystem…

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Eine Antwort zu the first school excursion went to the near GAHINGA GORILLA NATIONAL PARK,…it was fantastic for pupils and teachers, they want more, another time, if ‚afrikakind‘ again is the sponsor, but why not?…out in the field we can learn a lot…

  1. carolineouederrou schreibt:

    ohhhh thx for your effort and support of african kids! great job!


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