‚can you give me 10 bob…for ‚chakula‘, food?……i asked him, what will you buy for 10 cents?…he told me ‚chapati‘, i answered, you don’t get a chapati nowadays for 10 bob, then he answered, but for 15,…i send him to buy 3 chapati and gave him 50 bob,…in between his younger brother joined us, it was at the beach in the afternoon,…i sent both to buy the chapati, but gave him 100 bob now, they came back without chapati, because the cooking mama had closed early today,…then we discussed and he told me, there is another place, but there the chapo are 20 bob each,…i told him to bring 5 of them,…the brother remained at my bike, i ran a bit at the beach and by coming back the elder brother was back with 4 chapati and remaining 20bob,……i catched one for me and gave the brothers the other 3 and the 20 bob,………while eating they told me they are 11 CHILDREN, 10 BOYS and 1 GIRL in their family,…the father died already, their mum is visiting them sometimes only, he couldn’t tell me why,…and all of them are staying with their old grandma, who cannot move because of a broken leg,……the elder boy, called OSCAR didn’t eat the chapati, and i asked him why?…he answered, i will bring it to my grandma, cause she likes them so much,…i even asked them where money for food comes from and who is cooking at home,… the maybe 13 year old boy told me, it’s he himself who tries the best to organize the big clan,……in the end i gave him 500 bob and they were very happy and told me, they will bring it grandma and they will buy food……many KENYANS suffer a lot, nobody cares of it, this big almost orphan family is by far not the only one,…we have the responsibility to SHARE what we have,…that’s my deepest BELIEVE:-))

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