KENYA wants even to close down the schools, after 5 weeks of striking of teachers this year, in fact they are ‚closed‘, BUT motivated PUPILS you can find there helping themselves with learning…the CRISIS is BIG, at least for the lots of poor kenyans, the rich ones send their children to private schools or even out of the country to study…i miss the STRIKE of the PARENTS, because of course the TEACHERS have to get more salary, they are payed very poor, that’s the reason for the ongoing STRIKE…open end!…imagine, EXAMS are waiting, the pupils have to compete with the private school pupils, they are just LOST…again the poor SUFFER, we know that, BUT it’s time to do something against this absolutely wrong development…


KAHINDI, MWANAJUMA and AMANI can go to school, they are lucky, they were taken to a private school, I DID IT,…and i can do that, because DONORS of pay their schoolfees,…they have even LUNCH in school and porridge as a start in the morning…


look at the RED SCHOOLBAG, ‚very open‘ is a try of expression for the torne out untensil…i want to see them in GOOD STUFFS, and even more what i want is, that they TAKE CARE of their THINGS!


i told the pupils, ‚if YOU are a proud pupil of an ‚afrikakind‘ SCHOOLBAG, YOU have to show me how you care about that thatchel’…we will see, BUT i’m optimistic…


BAREFOOT in school, and not only there;-))…

EDUCATION is a good possibility to impact in our early LIFE in a very POSITIV WAY…

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