what a fresh SMILE, he is eleven years old, is going to kg3, well, not high up in class, but many backgrounds we often just don’t know,…it doesn’t matter, he is there and LIKES it:-))


even the BAISKELIS are going back to school, the best performing pupil of each class is the holder and is allowed to use the bike!!


this is an ‚old‘ friend of mine, MOHAMED, he is new in this school now, kg1,…even his brother BARAKA is there, in kg3, i hope the boys are doing well in the new environment…


the ‚afrikakind’s newest product, the schoolbag, NOW on the back of the intelligent girl of p2, how does it look?…on the schooldesk behind her you can find the name of NOTBURGA, she is my aunt, TODAY it’s her BIRTHDAY, she is 90 years old,…she told me, well i didn’t think to become that old, but this is what just happens with us, we can die very young, or live a long life, all of it has it’s SENSE…


‚BACK‘ to SCHOOL:-)))


SHEDRACK tried to ride the new PHOENIX bike, he is able to do it, BUT it is really too big for him…


what a fresh character, the girl of ‚babyclass‘


the 3 kg3 classmates in the NEW ‚afrikakind‘ T-SHIRT, they like it, next week there will be the hand over…

on my way to school today i met 3 girls from a big public school, i asked them, ‚you are going back home early?!…’yes‘, they told me, ‚the teachers are not there, they are on strike‘,…reaching ‚our‘ private school pupils and teachers were there of course and start into term3, i wish the BEST LUCK for it:-))

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