term3 should start this week, BUT TEACHERS are on strike again, they are payed too less, and promised a high raise of the salaries which is not payed now by the government, they say ‚We have no money for teachers’…


the printer LILIAN is printing the label on our schoolbag


there it is, the result…


even the first bilk of t-shirts is ready printed…


and if you walk with this bag, you can be a proud pupil supported by ‚‘,…this bag is strong, stylish, homemade and not too expensive, it costs around 12euros…


the printed t-shirt, made totally in kenya, costs around 3 euros in this quality…


empty your SCHOOLBAG sometimes, it should not become a dustbin for all kinds of stuffs you go around with;-))


here it is too choose about the different qualities of t-shirts, takes always good and sometimes BEST quality, because it lasts longer, and the money is probably less wasted then by choosing cheap quality which doesn’t last…


the brandnew ELEPHANT label, symbolizing care about people and strenght in quality…

good EDUCATION in KENYA and other african countries is not given for free to the young people, it costs MONEY which many of the families can not,… are don’t want to spend for their very often, many CHILDREN…that’s why tries to support people with poor facilities…of course in the end, you have to help yourself and become selfconfident and strong enough to challenge life:-))

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Eine Antwort zu while TEACHERS strike ‚AFRIKAKIND‘ is working

  1. africa2me schreibt:

    Hat dies auf afrikakind rebloggt und kommentierte:

    sorry for the typing mistakes, it should be ‚bulk‘ instead of ‚bilk‘,…and ‚or‘ don’t want to…instead of ‚are‘ don’t…


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