the SOS children’s village group with SOLOMON, JOY and the rest of the pack…in the holidays it was to learn to ride a bike for JOY…the girl in the white shirt…


many friends assist JOY with the bike movement…


one elder interested boy really took responsibility and helped JOY best to come along…


JOY has fun by trying, LEARNING very often is FUN,…to see how we improve gives us selfconfidence, we believe in our skills…


at the end of the day she could keep BALANCE by her own and the assistants don’t have their job anymore:-))

for me it was so good to see how SOLOMON and JOY took care of the bike within their holidays,…with the help of their SOS village MOTHER JOY, they tried, learned and were very responible persons…JOY told me in the end, please, only this bike we would like to have another time,… i had to smile myself:-))

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