after some hard work on the computer, the LOGOS are ready to put on the printing frame…LILIAN and we like that:-))


‚ak’_will be the new short for ‚afrikakind’_and at the same time the small LOGO of our social initiative…so the products we offer will be ‚ak‘ products and goods, with this LABEL on it, whereever it is possible to put it on nicely…


a brandnew PHOENIX bike for class 2, it is very strong, singlespeed and dureable, features which are too important in AFRICA,…these kind of bikes cost around 75euros and if you want to sponsor one for hardworking pupils, you are warmly invited to do so:-))


the ELEPHANT plus the YOUNG one in our LOGO should symbolize, that WE from afrikakind care of children and their EDUCATION:-))

another day in town, i went there by MATATU (minibus) and thank god i could ride back with a new afrikakind bike which will enjoy a hardworking pupil…

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