from SOLOMON to the very left to JOY to the very right, this is the SOS KINDERDORF children group from MAMA JOY in MOMBASA…i love them;-)



these 3 HEROES… MOTHER TERESA, HELMUT KUTIN and the AUSTRIAN EXORPHAN himself, HERMANN GMEINER, founder of SOS KINDERDORF worldwide are so GREAT HUMAN BEINGS, their SPIRIT is still is strongly around…


MAMA JOY was not around when i visited her FAMILY after almost 2 years again…BUT JOY, the NANDI girl with the yellow pants told me like an adult about the happenings there, SHE wants to become a LECTURER in a university, she is very BRIGHT and FOCUSED;-))


‚NIPE MKONO’_give each other your hands


this story about a new born baby in MOMBASA is too sad, BUT there are always reasons why a MOTHER or others ‚throw‘ away a baby to the garbage,…for this BABY even an ORPHANAGE like SOS KINDERDORF was too late, the dogs did what carnivors do…


these CHILDREN were once ‚thrown away‘ by the circumstances of life, BUT if you see them SMILING today, which GIFT is this,…it’s a BIG ONE:-))))))…BIG THANKS to FOUNDERS like HERMANN GMEINER who himself grew up in an ORPHANAGE because his parents passed away too early, like the parents of SOLOMON, JOY and their fellow FRIENDS in KINDERDORF…

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