COLLINS and me in front of there selfhelp school, they have 2 classrooms, of course very poor facilities


SOPHIE from china shows kibera kids the pictures of themselves on her phone


the railway cuts the slum


to get FOOD is a daily struggle for the patchwork families


THALLES from brazil is interested in the slum and africa, he will volunteer in KAMPALA now for 2 weeks


the rooms are very small, the rent is too high, so 8 people have to find place very squeezed, BUT they manage it so WELL!!


the SLUM of KIBERA in the center of NAIROBI is famous,…many people on our earth have to live in SLUMS,…BUT even in the so called ’supported‘ SLUM of KIBERA life is not for free, it’s to pay for water, for power if you want to have, and afford FOOD is the daily struggle to survive of course,…there is now a LIBRARY where people of the slum can read, watch TV and even borrow a book for 1 week (for free)…the railway cuts the slum, and the new modern RAILWAYTRACK will even pass through, so people have to be relocated,…of course there is HOPE for KIBERA, eg a school started as selfhelp project by COLLINS who himself was born there and now tries to make a change for some of kibera’s kids, as they can attend school and have a meal for free, BUT he is definitely in need of support, otherwhise this AGAPE HOPE for KIBERA initiative is not successful!!

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