ESTHER in front of her classroom


ESTHER with her aunt HELLEN


ESTHER’s classmates


KISWAHILI lesson, THE language in east africa

ESTHER lost her mum in may, her fahter she don’t know, her aunt HELLEN shifted her from her homeplace in kisii in the west of kenya to the coast, far away from her other 4 siblings,…she is the 2nd oldest of them, but now she has a new home, a new school and her aunt is be the most important person in her life now,…a very hard situation the GIRL goes through, even she has to pick up SWAHILI and ENGLISH fast to communicate well with er new friends, because til now she is only used to her mothertongue KISII,…we wish ESTHER all the best, and i’m sure she found a good environment here;-))

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