ANNET, the head teacher with the RED GROUP in the field,…. not many of the pupils look to the camera,…can you find those who do?

kisoro_field_sponsored pupils

here in the bushes more pupils look towards the camera,…can you find those who don’t?…among the pupils there are GRACE, FELEX, JASSY, RAHABU, SAMUEL, ANGEL, JOAN, BERNA, ALLAN, FAITH, ISAIA, REBECCA, PROMISE, EVALYNE, ASHIRA…


the BOSS APHIA with 2 of her children, who visit her own school…


all of the pupils like the FIELD TRIP on friday afternoon, they were happy today, because the morning was too rainy for it;-)

go always out to the FIELD with your children, there you learn much, NATURE is too important for us;-))…

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