this is JOSEPH, the youngest son of NAOMI CHARO, he likes ‚POCKETING‘ and visits the BC class,… a smart boy;-)


this is JOHN, the elder brother of JOSEPH, he visits P1 and is reading loudly on the blackboard…


and this is GRACE, the sister of the 2 BOYS, she is 12 years, now new in GLEENEEDY and tries to get used the circumstances…


these are the SHORTS from JOHN,…i think they saw many things, of course the pupils have only 1 pair of them and this pair has to last very long, because money is not really there,…MUM NAOMI is one of 2 cooks in school…


this is MOTHER NAOMI, the mum of the 3 children, the eldest son is in P8 of a neighbour school,…so she has to feed and to raise 4 children, i can tell you, a hard job in kenya,…with cooking in school she earns at least some money to feed her family;-))…

to raise a family with 4 children is not easy for a MOTHER in KENYA, but there are many who don’t have any help from a husband, the government or other institutions,…in fact the WOMEN have to be very STRONG themselves, and they are!!

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