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today term1 ended in kenya’s schools and the REPORTS were given out,…the pupils of GLEENEEDYschool also got a LOLLIPOP to have a sweet start in their 4 week holidays, before term2 begins in may,…they got COMMENTS in their REPORTBOOKS like,…’PUT MORE EFFORT‘, or ‚KEEP YOUR PORFERMANCE‘ and others,…of course especially those who learn to read should train at home, but often books are missing in their poor mudhouses,…so they will enjoy their HOLIDAYS now, but even more ENJOY to come back to school, where also the meals are GREAT!…KILA LA HERI, much luck and take care;-))…

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4 Antworten zu TERMEND 1 with REPORTS

  1. abigael19 schreibt:

    That’s good that term one has ended.Here in kenya its end term not termend….and they should really keep up their performace. ..and also try to study at home..even if the conditions and environment are not good for studying…Let them enjoy their holiday..ut has really been a long term


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